State of the Art Facility

Advanced Imaging

  • The revolutionary CS 9600 is a compact, all-in-one digital imaging system that features multi-modality panoramic and 3D imaging capabilities



  • Provides crystal clear, sharp 2D digital panoramic images with variable focal trough technology that ensures accurate images every time.
  • Integrated with cone beam computed tomography to produce high quality 3D imaging for optimal planning and treatment outcomes
  • Also made available is one-shot cephalometric imaging


Benefits with the CS 9600

  • Offers multiple fields of view that allow the surgeon to have the flexibility and capability of properly aligning the field of view to each patient’s specific needs and diagnosis. View ranges include focused field (5 x 5 cm), single jaw (10 x 5 cm), dual jaw (8 x 8 cm), unilateral TMJ (8 x 8 cm), and dual jaw (10 x 10cm).


  • Delivers high resolution images up to 90 μm, allowing small details to be captured for diagnostic and clinical applications.


  • Significantly reduced radiation exposure as a CBCT unit than a traditional CT scanner. Quick scan times (as little as 12 sec) and adjustable fields of view also allow for greater control over the amount of radiation being delivered.
  • Designed with a low dose mode that obtains images using up to 85% less radiation than traditional panoramic imaging based on the field of view being used.